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IsDB Developers Platform

IsDB Developers Platform

IsDB Developers Platform

IsDB Strategy
The IsDB global developers’ platform provides a holistic framework for mobilising the full spectrum of non-sovereign donors and investors to channel resources into the Bank’s strategic development agenda. In addition to the existing role of trust funds in development funding, this platform introduces three new elements that allow IsDB to sustainably multiply its developmental impact in its Member Countries (MCs), without risking its AAA rating.
External Investment Funds:

The framework, which is aligned with IsDB’s transition to a ‘bank for developers’, matches investor demand with the Bank’s competitiveness drivers. It allows the Bank to move from providing on-balance sheet funding to a leaner set-up, where it acts mainly as facilitator of third-party funds for investment in MCs’ development projects.

Development Finance Facility:

This facility is a platform for cooperation between IsDB and a targeted network of non-governmental organisations (NGOs), to crowd-in private funding for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in MCs. Its systematic partnership approach leverages stakeholder strengths and provides important synergies and economies of scale.

Open investment for development:

Another area of great potential is for-profit individual investor funding, which disrupts the classical financing model, where banking institutions act as gatekeepers for capital. Companies are now reaching out directly to their investors via web platforms. With IsDB’s engagement, individuals’ investments can be leveraged for the fulfilment of developmental strategies.