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rebuilding resilient value chains for the future


The IsDB Group has adopted a new approach to development that emphasizes on making markets work for development. In this regard, the industrialization of the Member Countries is imperative to increase the competitiveness of a country and, at the same time, plug into the Global Value Chain.

IsDB has identified five common industries; agri-food, petrochemical, textile, mining, and construction, where the impact of these industries can affect the future well-being of its member countries. Subsequently, the Bank has decided to champion these core industries by using the global value chain approach in the coming years.

In this regard, the IsDB has published a series of Industry reports to provide member countries strategic insight into the challenges and opportunities to build a resilient value chain for the future.

In these reports, we will tackle four critical questions: "How will the industry look like with the global pandemic?", "Where does the member countries stand?", "How ready are IsDB countries for the future?" and "How to unlock the potential of IsDB countries in a highly volatile world?".